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Pharmaceutical Equipments

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Available in the following models
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Electronic Stimulators
  1. Student model EST provides rectangular pulses
  2. Expt. Model ESS Provided square wave of different frequency and voltages
  3. Lab models ESL provides pulse of variable frequencies and Amplitude and D.C. for stimulating nerves etc.
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Drop Recording Assemblies
A) Silver Electrode Type DP-2
B) Photo Electric Type DP-4
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Universal Studen Kymograph
Ten speeds, from 025mm/sec to 500 mm/sec. Special heavy duty motor, "dual gear train jerk tree running. Instantaneous stop & start clutch. Double contact arm with contact block provision for jointed arth uprights, stainless steel spindle" with screw lift, 15 x 15cm cylinder with pilot lamp plug & cord
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Electrical E/8 Student Kymograph
With special heavy duty motor oil lapped gear system, speeds from 12mm/sec to 640mm/sec in 8 steps jerk free running instantaneous start and stop clutch, stainless steel spindle with screws lift 15cms x 15cms cylinder with pilot lamp, plug & cord.
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Sheerington Recording Drum
Mechanically driven; Double contact arm with contact block with stainless steel spindle with screw lift, 15cmsx15cms cylinder with leaving screws.
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Research Kymograph
Improved pinion lift model
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Rat Polyproplene Cages
Complete with S.S. wire cover water bottle S.Steel nozzle, food hopper.
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Student Isolated Organ Bath
Also available with thermostatic control along with all accessories
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Parculator 500 MM S.S.
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Melting Point Apparatus
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The Complete Isolated Organ Bath With Stirrer 12"X12"X9"
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Mixing Vat With Stirrer (With 1/4H.P. Motor Cap. 10 Ltr. On stand)
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Rote Cube Blender
Capacity :- 50 Liters, 100 Liters
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Stainless Steel Storage Tank
Available in following Capacity
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Suppository Mould
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Continuous Hot Extraction Equipment
Extractor capacity 200ml, flask capacity 500ml. condenser 250mm, made according to latest Indian pharmacopoeia specification complete with flask and interchangeable ground joints. All parts made of Borosilicate glass with high thermal resistance
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Plantary Mixer
Suitable for mechanical mixing of ointments. Dry powder or wet mass, pulps etc. The unit is provided with a stainless steel mixing stirrer / beater the stirrer shaft moves on its axis while simultaneously rotating around the bowl, there by giving efficient mixing. The bowl is provided with castor wheels for easy handling. The unit is supplied with all contacts parts of stainless steel having 2 sets of different speeds and is driven by means of suitable 3 phase A.C. electric motor through on oil filling gear box. The unit is easily cleanable.
Capacity Motor
50 Liters 1/2HP
100 Liters 1 HP

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Histamine Chamber
Comprising of "Acrylic exposition" chamber with partition, sphygmomanometer, nebulizer
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