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Thermal Testing Instruments

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Shaking Machine (Wrist Action)
The machine is constructed to hold flasks from 100 ml to 1000 ml. conical or round bottom. The shaking speed action is variable & controlled by speed regulator fitted with fractional H.P. Motor. To work on 220 V AC 50 Hz. supplied with plug & cord.
Available in following option.
  1. To hold 4 flasks
  2. To hold 8 flasks
  3. To hold 4 flasks with 4 bottles holder
  4. To hold 8 flasks with 8 bottles holders
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Vortex Shaker (Test Tube Shaker)
Vibration type variable speed vortex shaker. Neopronecum impart vigorous agitation to tube of small flask. Shaking starts when vassel is pressed against cup with cord and plug. with touch plate ON/OFF type
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Rotary Shaker (Horizontal)
For continuous shaking of solutions in Eriynmeyer flask from 50 ml to 1000 ml. capacity. Compact bench type model with platform fitted with rubber discs, mounted in ball bearing crank shafts to give an orbital motion to the flask. The motor is coupled by means of V-belt with pitch pulley and is mounted on a heavy and sturdy iron angel frame. Shaking speed 50-250 RPM is controlled mechanically to work on 220/230 Volts AC supply.
Platform Size Holding Capacity H.P
45 x 45 cm 25 Flask of 100 ml. 0.25
45 x 45 cm 36 Flask of 50 ml. 0.25
45 x 45 cm 49 Flask of 25 ml. 0.25
45 x 45 cm 16 Flask of 250 ml. 0.25
55 x 55 cm 25 Flask of 250 ml. 0.25
60 x 60 cm 36 Flask of 250 ml. 0.50
100 x 100 cm 81 Flask of 250 ml. 1.00
125 x 125 cm 64 Flask of 500 ml. 1.00
125 x 125 cm 49 Flask of 1000 ml. 1.00

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Shaking Machine (Reciprocation Khan's Type)
Complete with carrier for flasks, test tube, racks, bottle etc. Speed are unaffected by normal line voltage fluctuation or loading within specified limit. Provided with D. C. Motor. Speed regulator for variable speed from 80 to 250 RPM.
Carrier Size 20" x 13" x 4" with covered body with D .C. Motor
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V.D.R.L. Shaker
Used for V.D.R.L. tests, blood grouping tests, various agglutination tests or for mixing of solutions in small bottles, flasks or beakers. It has a platform of size 300 x 300 mm and can accommodate blood bottles slides or flasks using a spring holder/ Supplied complete with cord and plug to work on 220/230 volts A.C.
With variable speed 70 to 210 RPM
With variable speed 70 to 210 RPM & fitted with 0-120 min. mechanical timer
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Tube Rotor For 36 Tubes
Speed 1 to 4 RPM having 10" dia & the size of the tube is 15mm x 150mm. The disc can be set at any angle suitable to work on 220 volts 50 cycles A.C. only with cord and plug. Complete with all accessories.
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Universal Shaking (Machine)
This shaking machine is designed for dissolving of substances, mixing and speed up chemical reaction. The shaking top plate of the apparatus and receive baffles its clamps. The shaking regulated with a rheostat 30 to 50 strokes per minutes complete with 4 flasks holders.
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Lab. Willy Mill (arthur h. Thomas type)
Chamber fitted with polished hopper three delivery stainless steel sieves of 20, 40 and 60 mesh with plastic receiver acrylic plate
Size of Inner Chamber H.P. Motor
40 x 25 mm ¼ H.P.
65 x 25 mm ¼ H.P.
100 x 50 mm 1/2 H.P.
200 x 75 mm . 1 H.P

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Lab, Ball Mill
For mixing and grinding electrical operated. Having capacity up to 1 Kg. fitted with FHP geared motor with maximum speed of 80 RPM. Jar is made of aluminum having steel balls of different sizes. Jar is inter-chargeable and easily removable to operated on 220 volts.
-do- with stainless steel jar cap 1 kg
-do- 2 kg jar Aluminum
-do- 2 kg jar stainless steel
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Emulsifier (Homogenizer)
Fitted with FHP Motor with speed control regulator with maximum speed up to 4000 RPM with perforated stainless steel disc. The unit is having arrangements for moving in horizontal and vertical direction. Complete on mild steel stand.
  1. With 1/20 H.P. Motor and stainless steel Disc and speed regulator
  2. With ¼ H.P. Motor and S. Steel Disc and speed regulator
  3. With ½ H.P. Motor and S. Steel Disc and speed regulator
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Tissue Homogenizer (Distinatigration)
Virtis type heavy duty complete with stainless steel cups 100 ml, 250 ml, 50 ml in ¼ H.P. 15000 RPM
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Micro Tissue Homogenizer
This high speed homogenizer is fitted with 1/20 H.P. Motor 10000 RPM duly controlled by speed regulator-cutting shaft and blades are made of stainless steel. Complete fitted on stand supplied with homogenizing flask/bottle for sample of 1 ml. to 5 ml.

Laboratory Stirrers
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Water Still Automatic (Wall Type)
Compete made of S.Steel provided with automatic ejection type emersion heaters to provide pyrogan free water.
2 Lt/Hour 2 K.W.
4 Lt/Hour 4 K.W.
6 Lt/Hour 4.5 K.W.
8 Lt/Hour 6 K.W

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Distillation Appartus (Barnsted Type)
It is double walled the outer and inner (boiler) is made of stainless steel. The gap between walls is filled with special grade glass wool to avoid lots of heat. The condenser is made of stainless steel. The top of boiler is made of S.S. Sheet or Chromium plated die casted gun metal.
Output per hour Watts
2 Lt. 2 K.W.
4 Lt/Hour 4 K.W.
6 Lt. 6 K.W.
10 Lt. 10 KW.
15 Lt. 12 K.W.
20 Lt. 15 K.W.
25 Lt. 20 K.W.

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Glass Distillation
Electrical heated, N.P.L. Type complete with stand. Electrical board with switch, neon light etc. Available in Single Stage, Double Stage & Triple Stage
Capacity:- 3 Lt., 5 Lt. and 10 Lt.
Optional Accessories Automatic cut off device for above
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Kjeldahl Distillation & Digestion Combined Unit (Without Glass Part And Clamps)
Supplied with
  1. Two heating boxes
  2. Brass condenser Rack
  3. Tubular Stand
  4. Fume duct
  5. Pair of hangers to work on 220/230 A.C.

a) Unit of 3 test mantle type with 3 energy regulator + 3 Pilot lamps
b) Unit of 6 test mantle type with 6 energy regulator + 3 lamps
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