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Crushing And Grinding
Pulveriser machines are used to smash materials into tiny shards or granules. Pulveriser machines can crush all types of items, including plastic, glass, aluminium, concrete, coal, rock, resin, tires, and medical waste. Pulverizer machines come in a number of different forms. Hammer mills, ring mills, double roll crushers, granulators, impactors, and shredders are all forms of pulverizer machines. Pulverizer is used in plastic industry for Plastics Pulverizing Including PVC Recycling, Rotational Molding, Compounding and Master batching

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Jaw crusher
Jaw Crusher
A crusher is a machine designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, or rock dust. Crushers may be used to reduce the size, or change the form, of waste materials so they can be more easily disposed of or recycled, or to reduce the size of a solid mix of raw materials (as in rock ore), so that pieces of different composition can be differentiated. Crushing is the process of transferring a force amplified by mechanical advantage through a material made of molecules that bond together more strongly
The following size of jaw crusher is available.

Jaw Size Motor Capacity Input Output
4" x 6" 3 HP 25-30 mm 6-20 mm
6" x 8" 5 HP 45-50 mm 10-22 mm
8" x 12" 10 HP 65-70 mm 12-25 mm
12" x 16" 10 HP 90-100 mm 20-30 mm
15" x 24" 15 HP 100-150 mm 25-55 mm

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Lab Ball Mill
Laboratory Ball Mill,
Laboratory Ball Mill is primarily designed for grinding pigments. The material is ground at a specific speed by using a specific quantity of grinding media (steel balls) for a specific period. The equipment is used for making the ground cement samples in the laboratory. Apart from the cement industry, it is also used in the paint, plastic, granite and tile industries.

Laboratory Ball Mill, 5 Kg capacity without steel balls

Laboratory Ball Mill, 10 Kg capacity without steel balls
Other size is also available
The following size of ball is available at extra cost.

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Vibrating Machine
Vibrating Machine
A specially designed Vibration Machine is used for vibrating the mix in moulds according to strictly controlled programmer at a frequency of 12,000 ± 400 cycles per minute. The Vibrator is mounted over coiled springs and the vibrations are developed by means of a revolving eccentric shaft. The center of gravity of the vibrator, including the cube and mould, is either at the center of the eccentric shaft or within 25 mm below it. The simple design of the machine facilitates easy assembly and dismantling of the cube moulds. The machine is suitable for operation on 230 V, 50 Hz, and single-phase, AC supply. Each machine is supplied with one cube mould.
Meets:- IS: 4031
The following mould can be ordered as extra
Mould, M. Steel, for 70.6 cm cube
Note:- The machine can certified for its frequency by the National Council of Cement and Building Materials (NCCBM) at Extra Cost.
Consistency And Setting-Time

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Vicat Apparatus
Vicat Method
Apparatus described below have been designed for determining the normal consistency, standard consistency and time of setting of cement and lime in accordance with IS, ASTM, BS and AASHO specifications.
The procedure, as recommended in various standards, is for determining the quantity of water required to produce a cement paste of standard consistency. The standard consistency is attained when the 10 mm plunger of the apparatus penetrates the material to a pre-determined depth under free-fall. A new sample is prepared and tested with initial and final needles in accordance with the procedure described in various specifications. Vicat Apparatus consists of a frame bearing a movable rod with a cap at top and a Vicat mould in the form of the frustum of a cone, (80+5)/70 + 5mm dia at the base,(70mm+5mm) /60 mm at the top and 40 mm high, and with a glass base plate of minimum 2.5 mm thickness with various models of Vicat apparatus as per standard specifications.
Meets:- IS: 2645, IS:2542 (Part-2), IS: 1727,IS:5513, BS: 12, 146, 915, 1370, 4027, 4246, 4248, ASTM C-91, C-141, C-187,C-308, C-359, C-472 & AASHO T-129, E-131
Two models of Vicat Apparatus are offered
Vicat Apparatus
The apparatus includes one each of:
Vicat Mould, Glass Base Plate, Initial Needle (in Plastic Case), Final Needle (in Plastic Case)Consistency Plunger (in Plastic Case)
Meets:- IS: 5513
Vicat Apparatus with Dashpot
This apparatus includes Dashpot to facilitate the gentle lowering of the moveable rod
Meets:- IS: 5513
Vicat Mould Split Type, with Clamping Ring

Shrinkage Bar Mould
Length Comparator listed in the concrete section determines the change in length of the specimen. Two models are offered. One is provided with stainless steel smooth reference points and the other is provided with knurled and threaded reference points. Both the models are available as single mould and multiple mould compartments. Each mould is supplied complete with base plate and two reference points per compartment of mould. Mould size: 25 x 25 mm section and 250 mm effective length (Distance between two inner-most of the reference points)
Meets:- IS: 10086, IS: 4031, ASTM C-151
The models are available in three kinds of apartments i.e. :- One, Two, Four with smooth and knurled threaded reference points.
Shrinkage bar Mould, Single
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Shrinkage Bar Mould, Double
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Shrinkage Bar Mould, Four
Optional Extra
Set of 20, Smooth Reference Points
Set of 20, knurled and threaded reference point
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Cement Spatula
The weight of the spatula is not more than 340 g
Meets:- IS: 269, BS: 12,
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Flow And Workability Of Mortar And Lime
The Flow Test is carried out on cement mortars, pozzolanas and limes. The specimen is placed on a flow table top which is then raised and dropped through a known height.
Meets:- IS: 1727, IS: 2645, IS: 4031, IS: 6932 (Part 8)
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Flow Table, Manually Operated
Flow Table, Manually Operated
The Flow table consists of a brass tabletop 250+ 2.5 mm dia, mounted on a rigid stand. The table top is reinforced with equally disposed ribs and allowed to drop through 12 mm by a ground and hardened Manual cam.
IS: 5512, IS:2250

Flow Table, Electrically Operated
The Flow table consists of a brass tabletop 250+ 2.5 mm dia, mounted on a rigid stand. The table top is reinforced with equally disposed ribs and allowed to drop through 12 mm by a ground and hardened cam. The Motor Drive assembly using the gearbox is designed to rotate the cam through the shaft at 100 rpm. Suitable for operation on 230 V, 50 Hz, AC supply Complete with Flow mould 100 mm base dia, 80 mm top dia and 50 mm high
Meets:- IS: 5512, IS:2250
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Cone Penetrometer Automatic
Universal Cone Penetrometer, Automatic
The unit is supplied complete with a stainless steel penetration test cone 35 mm long with a smooth polished surface and an angle of 30°. Facility exists for adjusting cone height in relation to the specimen. Cone Penetrometer consists of one each of the following :

To determine the fineness of cement, pozzolanas and other powdery materials, various international specifications recommend the use of "specific area" method. In the methods described below, air permeability methods are used to determine the specific surface as total surface area in cm²/g of material.
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Air Permeability Apparatus Blaine Type
Air Permeability Apparatus Blaine Type
Meets:- IS: 5516 IS: 1727, IS: 4031, IS: 4825, ASTM C204, BS: 4359 Part 2
It is a variable flow type air permeability apparatus.
The apparatus comprises one each of:
Permeability Cell, 12.5 mm ID
'U' Tube Manometer, mounted on stand
Perforated Metal Disc
Rubber Stopper
Rubber Tube, 20 cm long
Filter Paper Discs (Twelve Nos.)
Dibutylphthalate Liquid Extras Punch

BIS Sand, as per IS, bag of 25kg, Grade I, II and III
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Water Retention Apparatus
Water Retention Apparatus
The apparatus is used in specification tests of masonry cement and physical testing of quicklime and hydrated lime. Unlike older models, the newly designed unit incorporates a vacuum regulator and gauge system in place of the old mercury manometer and relief column. The complete unit consists of an aspirator pump, vacuum regulator, vacuum gauge, three-way stopcock, flask, rubber gasket, brass funnel, perforated brass dish, filter paper and hardwood stand.
Meets:- IS: 2250, ASTM C1506, C110, C207 and E149
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