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Food Processing Equipments

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Pulper Machine
This machine is designed for extracting the pulp of most fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, guavas, peaches tomatoes, banana etc. Mounted on a heavy duty mild steel stand, the central pulping unit of the machine consists of a pair of brushes fixed on stainless steel shaft and on stainless steel sieve. The gap between the sieve and the brushes can be adjusted to suit different types, sizes and is easily removable for quick interchanging and cleaning. All contracts parts are of S.S. 304 grade.
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Fruit Crusher (Crushing Machine)
This machine is suitable for crushing stone less fruits and vegetables. The machine is mounted on a heavy duty mild steel stand equipped with motor and starter. The material is fed into the stainless steel hopper which feeds the product into the crushing drum, which consists of stationary and rotary beater which crushes the loaded products
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Juice Press (To Extract Juice From Crushed Fruits)
  1. Hand screw bucket press
  2. Hydraulic Juice Press :- It is a hand operated unit with a hydraulic pump of capacity 5 tones. This unit is mounted on very heavy base and pillars along with hand screw arrangement. Supplied with TEAK WOOD circular plank held together with stainless steel strips. A thick M.S. base tray lined with S.S. is provided with the unit. It is the most suitable press for extracting juice from apples, pineapples, carrots ginger grapes etc.
  3. Above with 10 tones pressure unit
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Rosing Machine
For juicing lemon and tight skin oranges with S.S. contracts parts
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Can Reforming Unit
This is a simple machine which rounds flattened can bodies prior to flattened can is mounted onto the rubber roller and on depressing the pedals, it presses the can against the rotating steel roller there by giving it is round shape.
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Can Flanging Machine
Heavy duty model, this is a simple hand operated machine for simultaneous flanging of both sides of around can. A toggle motion balanced hand enables the machine to be operated with minimum exertion. Supplied with on die.
  1. 401 dia cans
  2. Spare flanging die 301 die for 401 die cans
  3. Spare flanging die 603 or 700 dia cans
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Flange Rectifier Unit
This is very useful simple machine for the rectification of deshaped flanges of cans. The deshaped flanged can is placed on the die and by simple application of the handle, the flange is rectified.
Dia 202 Dia 301Dia 401Dia 601 Dia 700 Dia

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Lid Embossing Machine
This machine is designed to emboss standard ends with the required reference letters of figures. The machine is operated by a foot treadle which, when depressed, embosses the lid virtue of marker dies, without placing it, supplied with one set of double row die holder, but without alphabets and numerical.
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Steam Jacketed Kettle
This equipment is used for batch heating and cooking of various feed products. Mounted on a heavy duty M.S. stand with titling arrangements, jacketed for maximum steam utilization and efficiency.
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Can Sealing Machine
This is a heavy duty machine mounted on mild steel stand, suitable for seaming cans of size 201x700 dia and of 9-3/8" height range. Used for seaming processed food cans ensuring a optimum quality hermetic seam. This is versatile and ideally suited to frequent changeover to various sizes of cans. Fitted with 1.0HP motor, supplied with on set of seaming shuck, seaming roller and adopter plate.
Optional Accessories
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Lug Cap Sealing Machine
This is a semi-automatic sealer with easy foot switch and lever operation. It works entirely on compressed air which ensures gentle pressure application and easy lever movement air filter and regulator provides recommended pressure for leak tight seal.
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P.P.Cap Sealing Machine
Suitable for all bottles of threading and sealing operation. Supplied one dia
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