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Sand And Aggregates

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Devel Abrasion Testing Machine
Deval Abrasion Testing Machine
This machines used the for determination of resistance to wear by attrition iron cylinders 20 cm. dia 34 cm. long with dust and water-tight covers, mounted on shaft with their axis inclined at 30 deg. to the axis of rotation of the shaft. Rotation speed is 30-33 rpm.

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Dorry Abrasion Testing Machine
Dorry Abrasion Testing
This is for aggregates resistance to abrasion. The apparatus consists of a metal disc which revolves in a horizontal plane on a vertical shaft. A suitable attachment for holding the specimen with is axis vertical and its lower end pressed with a prescribed pressure against the surface of the disc (the distance from the centre of specimen to the centre of shaft being 25 cm) is provided. A convenient funnel for feeding sand continuously upon the rotating disc is also provided. The machine is fitted with a ¼ h.p. electric motor, driven through a reduction gear to give 28-30 revolution of the disc per minute. Suitable for operation from 220/230 volts single phase, A.C. supply
Meets :- BS:812

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Accelerated Polishing Machines
Accelerated Polishing Machine
The object of this apparatus is to determine the polished stone value which gives a relative measure of the extent to which different types of road stones in the wearing surface will polish under traffic. The complete apparatus consists of the following:
  1. An accelerated polishing machine
  2. A friction tester.
  3. IS test sieves of sizes 10mm., 8.0mm.(both perforated plate), 425micron, 300micron, 212micron, 150micron.

Meets: - IS: 2386 (Part 4),

Friction Tester
A pendulum arm, having a spring-loaded rubber slider on the pendulum foot. Device is placed on the portion of the road surface to be tested. It is then leveled, and the height of the center of suspension of the pendulum is adjusted to a fixed value which is read on a special gauge.
The pendulum is then released from its horizontal position, to swing down freely until the rubber slider contacts the test surface. As the slider travels across the surface for a fixed distance, the pendulum is slowed and a frictionally-constrained pointer affixed to the pendulum arm measures the highest point in the pendulum arc.
Meets: - IS: 2386 (Part 4), ASTM E303.
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Chaplin Abrasion Tester
Chaplin Abrasion Tester
The BCA (Chaplin) Abrasion Tester gives a guide to the abrasion resistance of concrete floors. It can also be used to test the effectiveness of surface treatments used to protect or upgrade sub-standard floors. The depth of wear in the concrete floor brought about by the action of 75mm diameter by 20mm wide hardened steel wheels is used as a guide to the abrasion resistance. The apparatus is suitable for compliance testing to the requirements of BS 8204: 1987: Part 2 and EN 13892-4.

The abrasion tester consists of three 75mm diameter hardened steel wheels mounted tangentially on a circular steel carrier plate. The wheels are fitted such that they are free to rotate but not castor. The carrier plate is connected to a single phase electric motor which runs at approximately 190 rpm. mounted in a steel frame.

An umbilical cable connects the electric motor to a small control box, which monitors the number of revolutions executed by the shaft of the motor. At the end of a preset number of revolutions, a counter in the control box switches off the power to the electric motor. During a test, the Abrasion Tester is completely covered by a Safety Enclosure which reduces the noise level and prevents access to the rotating parts of the machine.

The enclosure has a Safety 'Off' switch and is also fitted with micro-switches at the bottom which switch off the Tester if the enclosure is raised. Electronic Depth Gauge A tripod gauge with a user selectable resolution of 0.01mm. the battery operated gauge is fitted with a zero button and an ON/OFF switch.
Meets: - BS 8204: 1987: Part 2 and EN 13892-4.

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